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Contact me for a free consultation to create a plan for you and your pets needs!


Dog Walking Services

We will work together to create a dog walking routine that will keep your doggies tails wagging! You can be reassured that before, during and after each walk, your pup will be getting lots of TLC!  After our walks, I will send you a brief text message filling you in on our fun along with a picture of your loved one .

Our specialty off leash hikes are fun group hikes with no more than 7 dogs at one of my favorite trails in Beverly and Essex. Maybe your beloved furry baby  would like to wag along with their friends on a group adventure! 

​         $20 for a 30 minute visit, any additional doggies in your home are $5 each.


Potty Break Visit

·       I will come to your home and let your little loved one out for a potty break.  This may be a short 10 minute walk around the neighborhood or some play time in your back yard if it is fenced in. As always…you can be reassured that they will be getting lots of lovin’.  

·       Having a special night out? Let Sally Wags swing by your house, give your furry friend a potty break , some lovin’ and a bedtime night night cookie! Stay out later and enjoy  your evening knowing they had a little TLC.

·       Do you have an elderly family member who is unable to take their loyal pet out for a break or has the weather been unsafe for them to do so? Sally Wags to the rescue!

$15 for a short potty break visit, $5 for additional dogs. (Maximum 2 dogs)

*Please contact me if you would like to customize a service to suit your pets specific needs


Appointment Support

Does your dog need to get to the groomer while you are at work? Sally Wags will be happy to pick up your pup and transport him/her to their local groomer. I will also pick them up after their pampering session and get them back home on their couch/dog bed…with an extra hug from Sally.

Pet Taxi to Local Grooming Visit/$25 Round Trip



Contract must be completed prior to services!

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